Top 10 SQL Server Patching Automation Benefits

published: 2015-10-01 07:48

RockSolid Top 10

The following are our favourite top 10 benefits of delivering SQL Server patching automation via the RockSolid platform:

10. Manage patching through organisational groups. Boil-down patching from focusing on hundreds or thousands of individual systems into delivery via a handful of manageable groups.

RockSolid Manage Patching

9. Easily report on your existing SQL Server fleet and any patching non-compliance. All current patch levels are quickly viewed, dashboarded and reported on via the central console.

8. SQL Server patch details are automatically updated within the RockSolid software as they are released by Microsoft.

RockSolid Manage Patching

7. Automation workflows are defined to handle complex patching scenarios, such as when patching clusters or availability groups.

6. SQL Server patches can be scheduled as a group, or using individual schedules to meet change window requirements.

5. Automatically deliver patch files to target hosts, even in complex networks with multiple subnets, domains and firewalls.

4. Automate pre and post patching checks and actions to ensure all necessary tasks are completed, such as taking full backups before patching.

SQL Server Patching Automation

3. Automate the installation of SQL Server patches without manual involvement. Escalate or roll back if issues occur during automation.

2.Reduce SQL Server patch compliance costs. Simplified management and automated implementation can reduce the resources required to manage SQL Server patching at scale significantly.

1. Improve your organisations security, resilience and compliance through managed and proactive SQL Server patching.

RockSolid Automation Platform

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