In case you missed it - SQL Server Database Consolidation Appliance discontinued

published: 2013-03-21 00:00

In case you missed it, the HP Database Consolidation Appliance has been discontinued. Despite the fanfare when it launched, there was very little noise when it was discontinued around 6 months later.

The reasons behind its sudden departure aren’t clear. Perhaps the cost was too prohibitive, or its design using local disks was seen as too restrictive due to the enterprise existing investment in SAN? Certainly consolidation is a hot topic and many businesses are increasing focus on reducing their SQL Server head count, but this alone wasn’t enough to give the appliance wings.

The new reference architecture direction is more in tune with what customers in the Microsoft space are used to and more in-tune Microsoft’s partnering history. But what are your thoughts, is there still a need for Microsoft to be directly delivering a SQL Server appliance?

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