Well Done Sergiu Stan - MCM SQL Server 2008

published: 2013-03-21 00:00

Well Done to Sergiu Stan who has just completed his Microsoft Certified Master (MCM) in SQL Server 2008. These certifications are very different from other Microsoft certifications; they require absolutely the highest level of knowledge and proficiency in SQL Server to be able to achieve and the bar is set very high. To put this into context, Sergiu is 1 of 6 people in Australia who hold this certification right now (Microsoft Web Site). I know Sergiu has worked very hard to achieve this and the countless hours of study and preparation that he has put into this is highly appreciated by us.

Sergiu’s Bio

Sergiu graduated from University with a degree in Electronics and Telecommunications. He started as a research scientist in the telecommunications field and later while working as a specialist for RomTelecom – Bucharest, Sergiu transitioned towards IT and database administration.

At the start of 2000, he immigrated to New Zealand where he worked as a database specialist and then as lead database specialist for ASB Bank. The size, complexity and criticality of the environment together with team’s pragmatism and high standards, contributed to and defined Sergiu’s development. The entire database environment spectrum was covered, from highly transactional eftpos transactions switching to data warehousing and geo-clusters.

At the end of 2005, Sergiu moved to Australia, working as senior SQL Server consultant for RockSolid SQL in Melbourne. As member of the consulting team, he provides support and consultancy in business intelligence, administration and development areas of SQL Server technology for customers in Australia and New Zealand across very diverse environments: retail and supply chain, banking, insurance, lottery, infrastructure, financial services, tourism, transport and logistics, government departments and agencies.

Again Sergui, well done!

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