RockSolid Integrates with TFS

published: 2013-08-23 00:00

One of the major difficulties with out-tasking DBA support is the incompatibility of change management systems and process. Moving from an internal model, where everything may be integrated, to a model that includes external parties often results in the addition of manual process steps.

A common example may be a developer moving code through test into production. In an internal systems model, once approved, the developer may simply assign the change to the DBA for implementation in the test or production environment. In an external model, the develop may instead have to send a request (via email/web) to the DBA support provider, attaching the change script, manually update the change management system, wait until they receive a response and manually close off the change process.

To alleviate this RockSolid SQL is pleased to announce we now provide an integration module for our customers who use Microsoft Team Foundation Server (TFS) for managing software change control and deployment. Using this module, the RockSolid SQL DBA team effectively integrates with the customer’s existing TFS change control processes.

RockSolid SQL TFS Integration

"The TFS integration module bridges the gap between our DBA support system and the client’s internal change management system" says RockSolid SQL Director, Tony Bain. "Using the module the customer simply assigns TFS requests to the DBA team. This automatically raises the request in our RockSolid DBA management tool. As our DBA works on the request the customers TFS system is automatically updated".

The RockSolid SQL TFS integration module is available at no extra cost for current RockSolid SQL DBA support customers. The integration module is also available to licensed users of the RockSolid management product.

RockSolid Automation Platform

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