RockSolid SQL across the Private and Public clouds

published: 2014-10-20 13:04

RockSolid SQL across the Private and Public cloudsr

RockSolid SQL provides consistent and cost effective management across all SQL Server database deployment scenarios, whether they are on physical servers running on-premise, running in the public cloud with Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS, such as AWS EC2 or Windows Azure) or in the public cloud as Database as a Service (DBaaS, such as SQL Server RDS or Azure SQL Database). RockSolid SQL helps our customers bridge the gap between on premise and cloud environments, providing consistent management and operational reporting regardless of topology.

We provide high end, cost effective database management for Microsoft SQL Server. At the time of writing we are providing 24x7 management for over 17,000 of our customers SQL Server databases, located both on premise and in the cloud. While the public cloud allows organisations to divest much of their responsibility for the ongoing management of infrastructure and sometimes licensing, at the data management level the customers responsibilities largely remain the same. The requirements for data security, data recovery, data availability and data performance still require design, implementation, monitoring and ongoing management regardless of where the physical infrastructure is located.

RockSolid SQL helps customers by providing enterprise level database management for their on premise SQL Server environments, and extending this service to cover SQL Server databases located within Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure. The same management policies are used, ensuring that databases deployed in the cloud are consistent with those on premise, and consolidated reporting allows both on-premise and cloud databases to be reviewed as a collective and compared side by side.

For more information on RockSolid SQL’s ability to help support your SQL Server databases, regardless of where they are deployed please contact your account manager, request a quote or email

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