Need 24x7 SQL Server Support before the Holiday period? There is still time!

published: 2014-12-15 10:32

RockSolid SQL is a world leading provider of monitoring and support for Microsoft SQL Server databases. Supporting over 17,000 customer databases on 24x7 fixed price SLAs using the latest management technology, we are one of the most advanced and experienced providers globally.

Our simple pricing model, straight forward agreements and rapid transition process all mean we can rapidly engage, transition and start the proactive management of our customers SQL Server environments within days. So if you had been thinking about gaining 24x7 monitoring, management and support for your SQL Server environment prior to the Christmas holiday period and were worried that you have left it too late, you still have time!

Our RockSolid SQL Server Database Administrator as a Service (DBAaaS) provides operational DBA support (both proactive and reactive). Our RockSolid DBAaaS keeps your SQL Server databases performing well and available to your users. An equivalent to a full time onsite operational DBA, at a fraction of the cost. And it is fixed price, so no unexpected charges for providing the SLA services. Included are all the operational activates a DBA would perform to keep a production SQL Server system operational, optimized, recoverable and secure.

To learn more about this service click here of you can email or phone on +61-2-8203-8682 to get a quote today.

RockSolid Automation Platform

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