JD Edwards on SQL Server Support Specialist

published: 2015-03-07 06:50JDE + SQL Server + RockSolid SQL

RockSolid SQL supports over 20,000 SQL Server databases for our customers that run thousands of different applications. But one common database application we support is Oracle JD Edwards running on the Microsoft SQL Server database stack. And we have a long history doing so, providing support for JDE SQL Server databases for over 11 years.

This has allowed us to build up a lot of experience and familiarity of the types of issues that customers commonly face when running the JDE ERP on SQL Server. Typically these issues relate to database performance, which may result in poor user response times, poor batch response or high levels of database blocking.

Fortunately all of these issues can be resolved and RockSolid SQL is highly experienced in resolving JDE on SQL Server performance issues by applying database techniques such as:

  • SQL Server I/O benchmarking and balancing
  • Memory sizing/right-sizing
  • SQL Server Database Compression
  • SQL Server Read Committed Snapshot Isolation
  • Significant improvement in query response through appropriate indexing
  • Configuration review and application of RockSolid best practices for JDE sites

Using these techniques we often achieve results such as:

  • Up to 85% reduction in the size of the JDE database
  • Up to 60% reduction in total SQL Server I/O
  • Up to 10-20% improvement in JDE application throughput
  • Up to a 17x improvement in user concurrency in certain application components

If you have deployed JDE on SQL Server, then RockSolid SQL as a specialist provider can help. Please contact us to have us undertake a remote 1 day review of your JDE on SQL Server database, from which we will document any improvements that can be made to provide quantified benefit to your environment.

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