SQL Server Cloud Backups from $0.09 per month (AUD ex GST)

published: 2015-01-30 08:44

RockSolid Cloud Backup from AUD$0.09 per GB per month

RockSolid SQL Server Cloud Backup is a service which allows our customers to copy and store their SQL Server database backups securely offsite and in real-time to the cloud. We are pleased to offer our customers this service from $0.09 per GB per month (AUD$ ex GST).

How does it Work?

Databases are backed up locally as per normal by RockSolid, after completion the backups are copied automatically to a secure RockSolid Cloud location. Once in the RockSolid Cloud, backups are retained based on your pre-determined retention criteria.

What are the Benefits?

The benefits of the RockSolid SQL Cloud backup service include:

  • Immediate offsite retention for SQL Server full backups
  • On demand pull down and restores
  • Automatic test restores in the cloud
  • Online data exploration

How is this Secured?

Backup copies are stored in a secure cloud location with no direct public access. All backup data is encrypted and access is controlled via two stage authentication.

Where is my Data Physically Located?

We use Amazon AWS for data storage. Data can be stored in either Australia, US, Asia or certain other locations.

How do I Learn More?

Please contact your RockSolid SQL account manager or email contact@rocksolidsql.com for more information.

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