10 reasons why RockSolid SQL can reduce your SQL Server DBA Costs by up to 80%

published: 2015-01-13 08:01

A key service from RockSolid SQL is our DBA as a Service (DBAaaS) offering. This provides 24x7 operational DBA management for customers SQL Server database environment. On the surface this may seem like a fairly run of the mill service, available from a multitude of providers. However, in this post we will discuss how the RockSolid SQL DBAaaS offering is different and why customers trust us with over 17,000 of their databases to us to support.

#1 – Up to 80% savings on DBA costs

RockSolid SQL has a massive scale of economy, and this translates into very low support rates for our customers. But these massive cost savings do not come with a service quality penalty. Because of the investment RockSolid has made in our people, processes and technology we are able to significantly reduce your operational support costs while typically improving service levels.

Often customers use our service to compliment rather than replace existing in-house DBA resources. In house DBAs are comparatively expensive, but many are tied up keeping existing systems running rather than focusing on higher value business objectives. A minor investment made in RockSolid SQL support can allow an organisation to free up these resources and provide a substantially improved return by doing so.

#2 – Predictable Spend

Our pricing model is fixed price, meaning there will not be any additional costs for tasks within the support scope. And this is without any limits on time or the number of tasks requested. There are also no set up fees, no hidden fees – what you see is what you get.

#3 – 24 x 365 Support

All RockSolid SQL support is provided 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. There is never a time that we are not monitoring your SQL Server environment, and never a time you cannot contact us. Experienced, qualified DBA’s are always available to assist with any support need.

#4 - 10 Minute Response Time 24x7

We treat every server, instance and database as mission critical and as such we provide a uniform commitment of a 10 minute response for any severity 1 incident. This includes all severity 1 incidents raised from our monitoring of your environment, and any severity 1 issues you raise with us directly.

#5 – Experienced DBAs

Our DBA team is staffed by experienced DBAs who average 9 years DBA experience with SQL Server. All of our DBAs are experts in every version of SQL Server, from 2000 and above, are experienced with all configurations, clustering, HA, DR, performance and capacity management. If you are dealing with one of our DBAs you are dealing with a respected industry expert.

#6 – DBA Team Depth

As a customer of ours you will have a lead DBA who will be your reoccurring contact, someone who will build up site knowledge and understanding of your processes and practices. However, you will not be limited to a single DBA in situations when your lead DBA is unavailable. Every one of our clients is assigned a DBA team of 9 SQL Server DBAs, if your lead DBA is unavailable then at least 8 other DBAs will have the capability to step in and provide support to your site without any service interruption.

#7 – 300 Activities per Day

RockSolid SQL provides a highly proactive service, we don’t just sit back and wait for something to go wrong! RockSolid monitors your environment constantly and on average undertakes 300 activities per instance per day to ensure your environment is secure, optimised, recoverable and well maintained. These activities cover administration, optimisation and capacity management as well as proactive management and proactive issue avoidance.

#8 – Superior Management Technology

Our RockSolid technology is world leading, advanced management software for SQL Server. It is used to support approximately 40,000 SQL Server databases 24x7 and has some of the most advanced management functionality of any DBA software anywhere.

The 1 million+ line code base of RockSolid is the centre of our management service, and its use is provided to our customers at no additional cost as part of the DBAaaS offering. The RockSolid software is accessible by our customers via web and mobile interfaces.

#9 – Scale

RockSolid SQL support over SQL Server 1200 instances and over 17,000 SQL Server databases 24x7. We support every version, patch level, configuration there is. The scale of our DBA practice is astounding, this scale provides our client significant skills and expertise in the form people, processes & technology across all areas of database management.

#10 – Delighted Customers

Our customers have rated us 4.9 out of 5 for overall satisfaction in the work we have delivered. We always seek to build long term relationships with our customers that are built on mutual respect and trust. We have very low customer turn over, many of our customers have been using our services for 5 years or more.

All of our customers are provided with a 24x7 escalation path for their service which starts with their Lead DBA and ends with the director of the RockSolid SQL group.

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Top 10 Reasons to use RockSolid SQL

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