RockSolid SQL Server Cloud Backup

published: 2014-11-27 13:34

RockSolid SQL Server Cloud Backup is a service which allows our customers to copy and store their SQL Server database backups securely offsite and in real-time to the cloud. This service is suitable for customers who may not have abundant local storage, who want immediate off site retention, or wish to have an alternative to purely offline, offsite backup storage.

How does it Work?

Databases are backed up locally as per normal by RockSolid, after backup completion, backups are copied automatically to a secure RockSolid Cloud location by the RockSolidAgent. Once in the RockSolid Cloud, backups are retained based on pre-determined criteria set by you.

The RockSolid SQL Cloud Backup option is flexible in how it is configured. This option can be enabled per instance or per database and also can be enabled on certain backup types (e.g Full, diff or log). The RockSolid SQL Cloud backup service can also be enabled on a certain schedule, giving the option to write daily, weekly or monthly backups to the cloud.

What are the Benefits?

The benefits of the RockSolid SQL Cloud backup service include:

  • Immediate offsite retention for SQL Server full and log backups
  • Automatic test restores. Databases copied to the RockSolid cloud can be automatically test restored and checked to ensure the backup is valid. Any issues are flagged with support team
  • Database backups can be brought online, on-demand. Under normal circumstances backups within the RockSolid Cloud are kept offline. However as required, customers can bring their backups online
  • When online, backup data can be explored and queried
  • When online, backup data can be exported

Where is my Data Physically Located?

The RockSolid SQL Cloud Backup service uses the Amazon AWS cloud for data storage. Data location can be requested by you to be either Australia, US, Asia or certain other locations.

How is this Secured?

Backup copies are stored in a secure cloud location with no direct public access. Data access is controlled via two stage authentication via the RockSolid portal.

What does it Cost?

Pricing is competitive, calculated on a per GB per month basis.

How do I Learn More?

Please visit this link to learn more

RockSolid Automation Platform

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